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Rudana Fine Art Gallery
The most comprehensive fine art gallery in Bali

In terms of quantity, an art gallery housing a collection of more than 8000 art works is impressive. A collection of such proportion, where artworks are continuously being added ever since Rudana Fine Art Gallery was founded in 1974, requires at least three prerequisites: very observant eyes, analytical expertise in the domain of the arts and unquestionably deep knowledge of the arts in general. Rudana Fine Art Gallery not only possesses these prerequisites but also combines them with sound modern management. It is the quality of its collection that makes Rudana Fine Art stand out from amongst the others.
Nestled in beautiful Balinese architectural layout within an area of 2.5 hectares of land adjacent to the prominent Museum Rudana, the Fine Art Gallery overlooks tranquilly sculpted gardens of fragrant tropical trees and flowers. With Lush rice fields encircling the property and enhancing the serenity, viewers marvel at the gallery collection. Rudana Fine Art Gallery is made up of several compounds each of which houses a collection of a different style, from traditional to modern, ranging from naturalism, to abstract and to post modernism.

Sharing the same philosophy as the museum, Rudana Fine Art Gallery seeks to promote the premises as a center for education where visitors can obtain knowledge about different aspects of traditional and modern art. Through a variety of art programs such as fine art workshops, art competitions and other activities, visitors can be an active participant in appreciating the richness of Indonesian fine arts. As a center of information, Rudana Fine Art Gallery welcomes international and domestic visitors who are seeking first hand information about the history and development of Balinese arts.

Until recently the traditional artworks collections of the gallery is comprised of 5 styles, each characterized by their different balinese origins: Batuan, Penestanan, Pengosekan, Kutuh and Penduyung. The collection in this category portrays the past and the present agricultural and religious life of the Balinese. The gallery also exhibits a comprehensive fine art collection including works by prominent artists such as I Gusti Nyoman Lempad, I Gusti Ketut Kobot as well as expatriate artists who made Bali their home such as Rudolf Bonnet, Antonio Blanco, Arie Smith and others. In collaboration with the museum, Rudana Fine Art Gallery also makes an effort to be a center of inspiration for artists, art observers and art lovers by staging numerous art exhibitions including its bi-annual exhibition of Indonesian and international maestros of fine arts.

In its effort to participate in conserving and developing as well as promoting Indonesian fine arts, the Rudana Fine Art Gallery aims to compliment the permanent exhibition of the Museum Rudana by providing fine art collectors, connaisseurs and patrons with an opportunity to own a piece of its current most sought after collections by outstanding living Indonesian maestros such as Made Wianta, Nyoman Gunarsa, Srihadi Soedarsono, Sunaryo Sutono and the young talented artists such as Nyoman Erawan and Made Budhiana. With collections of such diverse styles and themes by artists from different origins and nationalities, one can say that Rudana Fine Art Gallery represents diversity.

Rudana Fine Art Gallery welcomes those who call themselves art enthusiasts, be they artists in training, tourists or students. With a staff of 50 to maintain the property where gallery and the museum are situated, visitors would find their stop over informative, educational and artistically inspirational.

As a support system to the museum as well as the Rudana Foundation, the Rudana Fine Art Gallery employs the sound art of business of business of art. Adopting local wisdom the gallery is managed entirely in progressive mode.

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