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Museum Rudana Exhibition
2010 - 2011
Museum Rudana Exhibition
1981 - 2008



Bali Inspires @ Museum Rudana
(21 May - 21 June 2011)
• Launch of the book (Book launch)
• Launch of New Website
• Indonesian Tourism Promotion
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Panca Tan Matra
(October 13, 2010)
Creative Collaboration Voice, Arts and words (Dwiki Dharmawan, Toninho Horta, Nyoman Sura, Nyoman Windha
Art Exhibition in Memoriam of Putu Yasa Pageh, Ida Bagus Wayan Darmika Indra and Wayan Darmika.

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Peace Exhibition - "Unity in Diversity"
(1 October - 20 November)
Featuring the work of art that carries the message of peace - (Harmony, Peace and Unity)

Painting Exhibition of Traditional Balinese art:
(5 August 1 to August 31)

  1. Themes: Indonesia - Past, Present and Future
  2. Presented to commemorate 65 Indonesia's Independence day. Featuring traditional paintings that depict the situation of pre-independence Indonesia, the struggle for independence era and the current and future situation.
  3. Located in the Main Space of Rudana Gallery.

Museum Fiesta @ Museum Rudana
(30 April, 2010)
• Exhibition to welcome the New Paradigm Museum Visit Year.
• The awarding of Synergy Award for Media people in their contribution to
develop the arts and culture of Bali and Indonesia.
• Various activities for all levels of society
• Synergy of society through the activities of the Museum and the Museum
Treasure Hunt 5.

Maestro Indonesian
(January 1 to December 30, 2010)
Exhibition Displays Srihadi Soedarsono works at Soedarsono Hall

Modern Indonesian Art Exhibition
(January 20-July 29. 2010)
Balinese painters, Indonesia and foreign countries.

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