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Tribute to The Pure Heart of The Mother

On this special occasion The Rudana will present a creative performance entitled Tribute to the Pure Heart of the Mother, featuring a procession designed to reflect The World of Balinese Women. Here, the word Bali is not a simple reference to the daily lives and philosophical values of Balinese Women, instead it contains a whole outlook of universal value, where the term BALI serves as an acronym for Beautiful, Amazing, and Loving Indonesia. It is suffused by a spirit of gratitude, an expression of appreciation of the bounty of riches that has been bestowed on this country by the Source of Highest Beauty, its highly strategic position between the continents of Australia and Asia, surrounded by the Pacific and Indian Oceans; its vast territory made up of 17.504 islands, large and small, stretching from Sabang to Merauke, from the Island of We to the Island of Roti.
There is not only the graceful beauty of landscapes, its mountains, beaches and valleys, but also what is contained within, the immeasurable provisions of natural resources. This is not yet to mention the richness in ethnic groups spread across the country, the fullness of diversity of customs, languages, beliefs, and abundant creations of different cultures and artwork, rich in colour and energy, all of which pay homage to the Mother, the figure of all that is noble and inspiring, both symbolically and in the reality of daily life.
The procession in Tribute to the Pure Heart of the Mother is a the natural outcome of previous pursuits, of a continuum of visions and ideas, and their resulting forms of expression; it also includes philosophical values and other essential exploration that has been deliberately maintained, whilst also serving as a form of devotion, an offering from The Rudana.

Thus also, this procession that pays Tribute to the Pure Heart of the Mother, which was intended from the outset to invest the presence of First Ladies of Neighbouring Countries at Rudana Museum with special depth, is a further reflection, a creation that carries the work of former art and cultural events to a deeper level. This applies to the choreography of Prosesi Angkus Prana (The Gathering of Energy), as much as it does to the creative collaboration of Panca Tan Matra (The Five Elements), Pesamuan Budaya (The Cultural Gathering), The Exhibition of Modern Indonesian Masters, Persembahan Pagelaran Seni Budaya “Joged” (Performances of the Art and Culture of “Joged”), Eksibisi Sinergi Seni Membangun Bangsa (Exhibition of the Synergic Art of Nation Building), and other such creative endeavours.

Although each of these art events has its own personal characteristics and mode of expression, they all interweave to form a cohesive whole, and share the same spirit of paying Tribute to the Pure Heart.
The spirit of Paying Tribute to the Pure Heart began as a form of creative thought and innovation that has now reached a stage that allows its artistic productions to be shared by a wider audience; these exhibitions and performances are not restricted to the appreciation of traditional artists, they also provide the opportunity for mature modern and contemporary artists to express themselves. This is in agreement with efforts being made to make Art and Culture the Soul of the Nation that flows from the estuary of Character and Nation Building.
In this Tribute to the Pure Heart, The Rudana attempts to reflect the spirit of the noble heritage bequeathed by Founding Fathers who were steadfast and unwavering in their struggle for the independence of their country.
Mirroring this historical date, the Proclamation of the 17th of August 1945, this Tribute looks ahead: Towards a Vision of Perfection. This vision emphasizes the great need for each individual child of the nation to build on self-confidence and to remain constant, whilst also preserving a humble heart in seeking to realize the highest possible ideals.
The above statement carries the implication that the One who is perfect is only God, the Source of Highest Beauty, and God in all of His manifestations. Bearing this in mind, we should best strive to remain humble at heart, and understand that there are no short paths where ideals are high; everything calls for a process that moves forward step by step. This transcendent philosophy is inspired by the Prasasti Astaka Aisvarya (the Eight Supreme Powers) the inscription of which the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, and First Lady Ani Bambang Yudhoyono, were kind enough to sign a short while ago, on the 18th July 2011, bearing the following words:
On this special day filled with blessings and overflowing significance May honour and splendour provide everlasting shade for togetherness Illuminated by inner stillness and clarity The One of Great Wisdom perfected the Beauty of Humanity Solely for the worship of glory and peace May all that lends pure fragrance imbue the true self with nobleness May perfect blue skies hold the entire country in peace

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